Vision & Core Values

Our Vision

At Joncia our vision is to be worlds high standard recruitment service provider for our client and candidates.
We are constantly seeking to build more effective and efficient ways to transform our business and adequately meet to their complete satisfaction.
We also endeavour to be the preferred platform for candidates to discover and pursue exciting careers.

Our Core Values

Our relationship with our client and candidates are key by our 6 core values that drive us to our success.

1] Integrity - We embrace the highest standard of personal and professional ethics, honesty and Trust. Hence, we promise only what we can deliver, and we deliver on every promise.
2] Respect - We treat everyone with mutual respect, sensitivity and value their contributions.
3] Innovation - We embrace for continuous improvement and innovation to deliver operational excellence and to keep all our system and procedures updated.
4] Team work - Our team of highly trained professional employees, share knowledge for continuous educating ourselves and getting better to keep us the best.
5] Commitment - We are committed to our clients and candidates in clear, fair and lawful manner. An understanding of the deadlines and accountability inherent in those commitments.
6] Passion - To perform our roles with purpose, pride and positive attitude.