About JIH

Joncia Institute of Hospitality (JIH) grew out of a personal desire to provide required, appropriate knowledge and education in a professional yet friendly atmosphere at low cost rates.

JIH is an institute managed and owned by the Joncia group.

Joncia Institute of Hospitality is well equipped to offer the need of hospitality courses. The hospitality Industry is not normally considered to be a skilled professional oriented Industry. The success of hospitality operation mainly depends on skilled manpower, therefore training is an integral tool which helps in developing knowledge and skills, which further fulfils the frequent demands of the industry.

JIH is one of the growing institutes of hospitality in India, which delivers a superior hospitality education to all its students. Established with a sense of commitment towards educational excellence, we have introduced industry-oriented hospitality courses.

a ] We strive to empower our students with exceptional academics, placement and extracurricular activities to support their overall growth & development as professionals entering into the hospitality arena. Aimed at Fresher’s, Undergraduates and others from various Schemes

b ] JIH also trains candidates for the burgeoning and Lucrative gaming; Casino; industry in India and abroad

JIH is well-equipped with infrastructure and amenities to facilitate a highly conducive and congenial learning environment for the aspirants. JIH has been set up with a vision to promote excellence in the field of hospitality education, and to accomplish the ever increasing demand of qualified professionals. At JIH, each application is assessed as per the recommended criteria and he/she is advised as to the best career options under the hospitality domain. Our courses are based upon time modules & we endeavour to complete the syllabi in the allotted time frame, but the emphasis would remain on proper and complete training of the candidate.

The topics have been selected to mould the candidate’s outlook so as to enable him/her to perform their job to the maximum of their abilities.

For further information, please visit our website : www.jih.co.in