Ans : All jobs that you see in a 5star hotel/resort& most on the marine side (navigation, technical, deck & engineering)

Ans : Working hours are as per the principal’s terms & condition but normally 8 to 10 hours. Holidays are cumulative.

Ans : Normal duration is around 9 months.

Ans : Yes; according to the rules & regulation of the principals.

Ans : According to the principals salary structure but safe to say around 40,000/- per month (tax free & all else inclusive)*

Ans : Massive! The hospitality industry is growing each year and is now a career of choice. Very good career to choose.

Ans : Safety & security of the crew is of paramount importance to our companies and many measures are there example physical security, reporting systems, CCTV’S etc. To name a few.

Ans : At the outset your educational & any other qualification or experience, that you may possess.

Ans : Besides your work related courses, you will need to do your passport, STCW 2010 courses, your CDC & any other that the principal company deems fit.

Ans : Nowadays, many Indians are getting jobs offers to work in hotels and restaurants abroad, sometimes at fairly high salaries compared to the offer from cruise companies. The main things you have to consider are: What are the actual working conditions compared to what they have told you? After paying taxes and living expenses, how much are you actually going to save? After how long can you come back home to meet your family? And so on. You can then compare the total package with what a cruise line job means for you both financially and for your growth potential.

Ans : This is a very typical question since designations are very important to all. As per collective agreement chef de partie is a French word which means kitchen in charge and cook is a designation designed to work under the chef de partie. The first thing to keep in mind is that the same designation can mean different things in different companies who have their own individual hierarchies and designations. Then remember the international standing of the cruise company and the huge scale of operations. So if you are a chef or cook in a medium size star hotel in a small city in India, you cannot compare it to the huge luxury liners where your Indian experience may not be enough to work at a management level on board. But don't worry, you will be able to rise up quickly in the hierarchy if you are talented and hard-working, a quick learner and good at team work and show a positive attitude overall.

Ans : Visit or call our office and ask for an appointment, to have a free Career Counseling session preferably in person

Ans : No, JIH being a training institute , we do not promise any jobs, but you automatically get registered with Joncia Marine Services and Joncia Hospitality Services for our international Cruise and Land Operations.

Ans : We advise you NOT to resign from your present unless the company advices you to do so.

Ans : Your joining date will be assigned to you by the cruise company depending on available vacancies and also going by the date indicated by you as ‘earliest joining date’. Then there are the visas and medical clearances, STCW, AND CDC and passport to be obtained and then you will be put in the pool for deployment. All this could take anything from 3 to 6 months approximately.

Ans : You are covered on ship as per your terms and conditions and CBA.

Ans : CDC stands for Continuous Discharge Certificate and is commonly known as the Seaman’s Book, which keeps an account of the contracts that you have completed at sea. STCW certificates are safety training certificates that you get after doing a course. Joncia Marine Services will assist you to obtain the above if you so require.

Ans : According to present Indian tax laws, if you work overseas for more than 180 days in a year, then you are eligible for an NRI status, which allows you to get full income tax exemption on any income generated overseas. You are advised to kindly check current tax laws. You do not pay any tax on your income in your employer’s country either, so potentially your salary is 100% tax free. You normally do not pay any tax.

Ans : As you will be working on renewable contracts, technically you are not ‘on leave’ between contracts, so you will not be paid for the time you are not on board. However, in some companies, some senior ranks do enjoy a continuous pay policy.

Ans : Company policy differs from company to company so kindly check the policy, for e.g.: Star Cruises pays for joining and departure airfare from the ship from day 1.

Ans : No, the company provides your uniforms free of charge (this includes laundry too), and you’ll be advised before you leave what you should bring with you by way of clothes.

Ans : Yes, depending on your duty roster (some crew have to be on duty even when in port) you are free to visit the ports of call during your off-duty hours, subject to local immigration laws. However, don’t expect to visit many places in a single visit as the hours allowed ashore are not very long for either the passengers or the crew.

Ans : Yes, cruise ships are normally equipped with a crew gym, a crew bar, and a crew deck with swimming pool, Jacuzzis, and sometimes even mini cricket and football pitches.

Ans : The cruise lines follow a “zero tolerance” policy on drugs/narcotics. If any is found in possession, you automatically will lose your job and are disembarked immediately. You may even be tried in a court of law as per the laws of the country that you may be in and imprisoned.
We should also caution you that cruise lines also have zero tolerance policy towards anti-social behavior like sexual harassment and racism, and such offenses can also be punishable by law, with penalty that could including imprisonment.

Ans : You will be working on board with many nationalities among the crew and also passengers. You need to be able to communicate reasonably well with everybody, and since the common language is English, you need to understand, speak, read and write well in English. It is also mandatory that for some cruise lines the candidates have to pass an online English language test with the required minimum grade relevant to his or her position on board.

Ans : This is a valid question, Joncia Marine Services was established in 1991, and since we are in the cruising business for many years, hence we know the job requirements, added with the latest international syllabi, relevant job training, interview success tips and training and since J.I.H is fully owned it makes the transition easier.

The Joncia Institute of Hospitality course not only teaches you , but we empower you, by giving you a familiarization course on shipboard life, handling emergencies, dealing with passengers with courtesy, and maintaining acceptable levels of personal hygiene and health/fitness, various modules on social skills, and prepares you to be a diligent smart worker, thinking out of the box in terms of hospitality .Most importantly, there is a communications and personality development module that runs right through the course which builds your skills and confidence and prepares you to tackle the job and visa interviews. In short, the course prepares you thoroughly not only for your very first contract but also how to make a career and succeed in the cruise industry.

THE EDGE – Joncia Institute of Hospitality : The importance of this course cannot be emphasized enough, because Joncia Marine Services has guaranteed first priority in recruitment to those who successfully complete this course. Moreover, we are confident that not only will the job be yours when you are put up for an interview, but that you will find yourself on the much-desired fast track to success once you are working on the Cruise Lines